34 Easy Infinity Scarf Sewing Pattern

Fold the fabric in half again lengthwise with the right sides together. Materials needed to make an Infinity Scarf.

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This simple easy to sew infinity scarf is a perfect sewing project for a novice at the sewing machine—just a few cuts a few stitches and youve got yourself a one-of-a-kind scarf that you.

34 easy infinity scarf sewing pattern. I made a really simple infinity scarf from a faux fur fabric and wanted to share it with you. Sew the hole closed. Today Im showing how to sew an infinity scarf which also happens to be a great project for beginners and even to do in a group.

1 yard of 44 wide light-weight cotton or other easy to drape fabric more about my fabric choice below matching thread. This infinity scarf is a very easy things to sew. This will help give your infinity scarf some shape.

So lets get started. This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF thats optimized for printing. If you want to squeeze your scarf out of a single yard of fabric cut two pieces 36 x 22 inches big and stitch them together by the two short edges.

This was partly because I knew I wouldnt have to worry about making it fit perfect for gifts and also because I could wear it all year roundBest part is you can easily finish this project in an afternoon — impatient sewists rejoice. Theres no need to knit or crochet a scarf. Sew about 12 inch from the edge.

Well this infinity scarf made with just a yard of soft cotton voile is an easy accessory that you can wear anywhere. To make each scarf you need a 2 yard by 22 piece of fabric. Now sew little bits at a time straighten sew straighten sew along the pinned short edges back stitching at both ends.

If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting. An infinity scarf is a great and easy handmade gift to give to your friends and. Pin along the long sides to hold the matching patterns in your next step in how to sew an infinity scarf.

Pin and sew along the open edge at the top but leave about a 4-5 inch opening unsewn somewhere near the end of one side but not all the way at the end. This will yield 2 scarves out of 2 yard fabric provided its at least 44 inches wide. Tomorrow Im headed to Schaumburgh IL for the Original Sewing Quilt Expo where Ill be stitching up a storm with everyone in the Make-It CenterOne of the projects well be making is this very fun and very simple infinity scarf I designed for Sew it All Volume 3.

Step 5- Take the seam and use your fingers to press it like so. Free Infinity Scarf Pattern. Well this infinity scarf made with just a yard of soft cotton voile is an easy accessory that you can wear anywhere.

This keeps the fabric full but you can use an iron for a crisper seam as well. The blog post below is totally free to read print and sew. Just cut the fabric into a 2yd x 22 inches piece.

Stuff the flower back through the hole and voila your scarf is almost done. Stitch along the long side edge with ½ inseam removing pins as you sew. You can either but 2 yards of fabric and make 2 scarves out of those 2 yards or you can use one yard cut it into two 36 in by 22 in pieces and then sew them together along one 22 side to create 1 scarf.

Cut your fabric in half lengthwise so that you have two long strips you can make two scarves out of two yards. Pin and sew the raw edges together I used a serger but you could use a regular sewing. Lets face it sometimes moms forget to accessorize.

23 yard drapey fabric knit rayon chiffon If youre using a fabric 60 inches or wider youll only need 13 yard Basic Sewing supplies. Carefully fold under the raw edges and pin the hole shut. How to Sew an Easy Infinity Scarf with the Girls with Glasses – YouTube.

Ill get into the fine details below but in a gist you sew a rectangle into a tube turn it right side out sew the ends together and wrap the tube around your neck two or three times. Press the seam you just sewed open see photos. When I first began sewing a few years ago one of my very first projects was the infinity scarf.

And it has fine french seams and a neat 14 hem. A super easy sewing project for someone with basic sewing skills. For the scarf featured in the magazine I used two contrasting strips of polyesterspandex jersey which drapes really well.

Step 6- Take one short end and fold. Step 4- Pull the fabric tube ride side out so the seam is inside the fabric tube. And it has fine french seams and a neat 14 hem.

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